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The cities we serve are in line with the standard zone points from the venerable (ACI) Air Cargo, Inc system. This historic system defined the zones form airport cities. Each airport city was broken down into zones based upon the need to provide economical, predictable, reliable service to the airline industry.We have adopted this system. Trained in its aspects and requirements, PAC has attempted to replicate the service offered to the ACI membership. We have retained the quality and hope that our pricing can be respected.

Our rate structure is multilevel and multi serviced. We offer a volume discount for our best contract customers and provide fair and reasonable competitive rates to the industry.

We have service levels to accommodate the varied levels of service required. Regular routed delivery or pick up service can be supplemented by priority services. This upgrade will allow for time windows to be effectively performed to the satisfaction of shipper, customer & recipient. Exclusive service will provide the pinpoint time specific service needed by the most demanding accounts. 9AM Service, Late Night Service and additional labor jobs can all be accomplish with good advance information and communication. Call us, fax us, or Email us. We will do what you ask!


Price will not keep us apart.

If your volume demands, we can build an agreement to work with you.

Contract rates are available.


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