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PAC Courier is always interested in top notch owner-operators or traditional employees with a hunger to excel and the eagerness to work. A job is as valuable as you make it. At PAC our drivers are our most valuable assets. Drivers are what make the business go, that's exactly what you'll be doing. There's never a dull day because chances are you'll be going to a different place everyday.

At PAC we are committed to quality. No matter who the customer is or what the job may be, we expect the same from our employees. Our aim is complete fulfillment. Together we ensure that comes to pass.


Our drivers are well trained... They are trained in customer service as they actually see the shipper or consignee. They must be presentable, patient and have the will to comply with special requests. They must do so without upsetting the fragile relationships that may exist. They must communicate the wishes of the customer and get authorizations for extras on the spot.

Our trained drivers are all STA cleared folks. In addition, they have been trained as TSA IAC Representative so they have a deeper understanding of the issues of the day. Each of our courier drivers has been certified and tested. They maintain their professional level of training as instructed by the TSA.


Our dispatch team is also trained. Dispatchers also have IAC Training and some also have obtained Supervisor Rating. We are prepared to help secure our borders.

Customer Service Representatives

Customer service is what we are all about. How can we hope to retain quality customers if we do not provide the level of customer service they expect? Our people know this and are willing to handle customer issues as best they can. There is a chain of command that will resolve any and all issues that may not be settled by our front line.

Logistics Coordinator

We have an on-staff expert in Logistics Coordination. This critical function can amend a route or reschedule a truck and assign needed manpower to make special situations happen - even at a moments notice.


We repair our own vehicles. A staff mechanical engineer can order needed parts and repair vehicles 'on the fly' or in the field. This powerful function has saved jobs in the past. Delays that can occur while waiting for a tow or a shop mechanic are eliminated by our dedication to keep the wheels turning.


Sales Professional

Always welcomed. Experienced sales pro with some history of airport know how. Past work within the air freight forwarding industry helpful. Work with a cartage company also a leg up. This self staring individual must possess the ability to make a customer comfortable. A pleasant personality and a willingness to overcome objections are essential.


Basics here are, a clean license, knowledge of area airports, and a willingness to work. A physically capable individual with mapping skills and an attitude of 'customer service is first' will make this candidate stand out.

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