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Com-mu-ni-cate (v.): To make known.

Com-mu-ni-ca-tion (n.): The act of transmitting ideas through writing or speech.

Communicate and communication, two words that are essential to the success of any transportation company. Without effective communication drivers get lost and dispatchers become misinformed. As a result deliveries don't get completed on time and the customer can be disappointed.

At PAC Courier Service we take this matter very seriously. Our drivers are outfitted with company text or GPS enabled cell phones. They also carry their own personal cell phones. Access to the activities and whereabouts of our personnel is almost instantaneous. Plus, by outfitting our drivers with two state-of-the-art digital devices we've created a fault-tolerant situation. If one device breaks or the batteries go dead we still have another way to communicate with our drivers.

The meticulous and detail oriented communication methods we use at PAC allow us to address all the subtleties of your shipment. Last minute change to a certain aspect of your shipment, don't hesitate to call, we'll get the message across.



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