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About PAC Courier

Ground service, cartage to the industry is a specialty field. Daily dealings with skilled professionals can be painfully straight forward. Fortunately, we have an understanding clientele.

New York and the Greater Metropolitan Area present unique challenges. Remember that we are the ONLY city in America to have been successfully attacked twice during the last century! We have what may be the highest population density in America and they all travel at the same time. All day!

Our business is not rocket science. As your agent, we are expected to provide the required transportation effectively, communicate efficiently, invoice accurately and promptly. You need to generate work, send clear alerts & pay promptly.

These things can and do happen regularly at PAC Couriers because we have quality customer/partners. Our special geographic situation, combined with our dense population leading to massive traffic congestion only lend to the extra special conditions that make New York our home. We choose to be here, it is a very special place.

Freight comes in all sizes and conditions. Inspection of your cargo upon its arrival in our city is paramount. Cargo originating here must also be inspected by our TSA trained courier driver. This is the key to claims elimination. A important goal here and we believe one essential ingredient to our success.

Our driving crew as well as the balance of our staff are all licenced drivers. We carry the prescribed insurances on them as well as IRA and health coverage. To keep the best people working for us, we offer a sensible work environment & a team approach that makes work a place to be proud of spending the day.

Three decades of experience, well trained legal and insured drivers, very low claims ratio, solid communication, fair pricing, TSA Compliant, and a DOT Safety record that is the envy of the industry all help to make PAC Courier Service the best choice in New York. We want to be your partner.

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